Category: Itinerary of Apulia

SalentoThe Salento is sun-kissed year around. Alongside art, excellent Mediterranean cuisine, and genuine hospitality, the area boasts a fabulous landscape, ranging from the Adriatic Coast and the marinas of Melendugno, Santa Cesarea Terme and Otranto, to the Ionian Sea and towns like Porto Cesareo, Portoselvaggio and Gallipoli. Here, the Middle Ages are tinged with an Oriental hue and, in  Grec├Ča Salentina, you can still hear ancient nursery rhymes in the Griko dialet. In tows like Melpignano you can find a famous festival which is known as "Notte della Taranta". Take a hike and discover Early Christian churches and hypogeum olive-presses. Be sure not to miss the natural wonders of the sea caves at Castro and Santa Maria di Leuca.