There are some basic rules to follow and some mistakes absolutely not to be made to install a natural stone flooring in their own homes. Robustness, solidity and elegance are indispensable requirements for both indoor and, all the more reasons, for outdoor flooring. Surfaces suffer of wear, humidity and bad weather and for this reason need to be selected with extreme care and attention.

1 – Before installing any natural or non-natural natural stone floor it is necessary to ensure there is no presence of humidity in the environment in order to avoid risk of rising damp.

2- Don’t carry out an excessive selection of color shades of stone looking for tiles as uniform as possible and without imperfections. The beauty of a natural stone floor resides right in the variety of shades and always different chromatic decorations that make it unique and lively and allow to stand out from a non-natural floor whose tonalities and patterns will result repetitive and artificial.

3- Avoid installing fixed formats stone tiles, as they recall the measures of ceramic floors, more uniform and static. A natural stone floor gives movement and vivacity to environment and free length format contributes to emphasize the feeling of finding yourself in a natural, bright and dynamic environment.