Revamping a cornerstone of Apulian buildings

The word “chianca” is a medieval term. Apulian limestone floors, typical of Trulli of Alberobello and in general of all the farms of the Murgia, are called “chianche”; are also called “chiancarelle” (little “chianche”) the cladding for the conical roofs of the Truli or, generally speaking, cladding for rustic walls. Many historic towns in the region have their streets paved with these stones, but especially the old town of Bari where you can still admire these floors used to pave both the streets and the private houses. When these plates are of considerable size assume the name of “chianconi”, a word which in the local slang indicates a person in a “heavy” mood..
In our ongoing effort to give a historical and aesthetic value to the stone, we at Musicco handcrafto this kind of paving, using a unique process, to recreate the effect of the ancient chianca, worn by time. Every single chianca, because of the high craftsmanship of this process, will be unique and unrepeatable.