Advantage, qualities and costs in using natural stone

Trani stone has always been used to realize pavings and finishing both for interior and exterior. To the usual advantages of stone pavings, such as durability, high compression (e.g. on a driveway) and bad weather resistance, ease in the layout and extreme biocompatibility (stone has a very low carbon footprint; moreover it doesn’t require treatment after installationt hus limiting the use of chemicals for maintenance), Trani stone adds its “quid” in style and personality.

Its white colour gives elegance and birghtness to every room, but its natural light gradient inhomogeneities prevent too much of an aseptic look. Moreover, its particular chemical composition makes it so that it doesn’t turn to yellow like other stone materials. Both architechts and interior designer are constantly looking for materials with such assets of historicity, naturalness and inner elegance for stone pavings and claddings in their most important projects.

Realizing your floors and claddings in natural stone is an investment in time: the material costs are various, and are affected by many factors (acceptable level of surface roughness and shading,form factor ..), but during the years this purchase will increase in value and prestige, giving your floor and environments a historicity that nothing else will give them.