Installation of a free length flooring creates a great effect and is also simple to make.

Free length natural stone floorings, right by reason of their variable sizes, offer a variety of nuances, shades and textures, proposing themselves as an ideal solution for house floor, both for small size rooms and spacious lounges.

Free length natural stone rectangular tiles make a room feel wider, in large environments enhance natural daylight coming from windows or balconies, while in small rooms give a feeling of amplitude and spaciousness.

This installation is perfect for modern contexts, since essential and simple, ideal to extend narrow spaces and to valorize natural light. Contrary to installation of a fixed formats flooring, in which it is necessary to cut more tiles in order to adjust flooring to the size of the room, the placing of a free length natural stone floor allows to discard less material during the installation, confirming to be an eco-sustainable and environmentally-friendly choice.