Trani’s stone

Natural stone has among its features the color variation and the presence of fossils that make it unique. The process of laying the stone is therefore a work that must be done rather by industry professionals, to get a job in a workmanlike where the stone acquires the high value it deserves, it is recommended so the choice of expert companies in the pose stone materials as many times defects are attributed to the quality of production where instead is that the installer was not able to do a good job, even so our staff will always be at your disposal if you want to pre-dry laying (no glue of course) at our company to get an idea of ​​what will be the best way to lay your floor. It also possible to lay only when you will make sure that the surfaces to be coated are properly planar and that the residual moisture is adequate to carry out the installation, the most traditional and ancient laying of “dry” screed. The Trani’s Stone being a material much more resistant than others and thiner is better suited to different types of uses and environments it can be used indoors and outdoors, in creation of pieces of furniture bathroom and kitchen etc..