Floor installation

Installation of a natural stone flooring

Natural stone installation process is a work that can be done by any floor layer. Generally speaking laying floor can be of 2 kinds:

  • Regular floor: layer installs floor with rectified edges leaving a very small grout, almost nothing: once entire floor is installed they continue to mastic remnant grouts. Immediately after, sander machine will be passed on the floor. Through various rides, floor is first levelled and after that, in various steps, desired finishing is obtained (brushed, honed, polished). Final appearance of floor is that of an unique carpet.
  • Floor with grouting: in this case tiles are already provided pre-finished (with a finished already chosen by the purchaser). Therefore, floor will be installed after you choose, to your liking, width and colour of grout matching  your desire.

Musicco company shares all its experience and knowledge in order to install correctly stone floor and prevent any unpleasant inconveniences such as presence of moisture and helps with the choice of glues and grout, etc.

More than a century of experience

since 1908

in the wonderful city of Trani in southern Italy

Extraction and Processing

of Trani Stone

Processing of limestone extracted directly from our quarries

Respect for nature

Ecology is not a detail for us

The company constantly works with a vigilant eye to ecology and care of the environment by committing to comply with the applicable both for the disposal of solid waste and the water used.