Italian marbles

Musicco company can boast a wide range of material in its portfolio, but we’ve better to make a clear distinction amongst them:

MARBLE: usually the word marble indicates, wrongly, four different kind of materials, but actually marble is a metamorphic stone generated by the effect of high pressure on sedimentary rocks, and it’s been used for a long time for building and sculpting. Its colour comes from the presence of mineral impurities.

TRAVERTINE: widely used in construction, it’s a sedimentary stone, its colour being given by the oxyde it incorporates (this happens very easily, because it’s a very porous rock).

GRANITE: it basically is cooled magma. It was used in the construction of some pyramids, such as the Red Pyramid and the Giza pyramid, in which we nowadays can see a grat granite sarcophagus. Some Hindu temples were built in granite, too, and it’s still widely used in building because of its resistance.
TRANI STONE: it’s a hard limestone deriving from a typical karst landscape. Trani stone is one of the finest materials used in construction. It’s denomination comes from the fact that the best qurries and companies working this kind of stome are in the beautiful city of Trani. Nowadays Trani stone has acquired a great value for the economy of the region it’s caved from: Puglia.
Musicco company extracts its blocks from its own quarries. Every quarry has its own schemes, and we can foresee the blocks which are going to be extracted from the “fornte”. Every block, after being squared off and checked fby our staff, goes to production phase.