Come visit us for your natural stone paving

Stone pavings are among the most loved and, at the same time, the best suited for architectural use. Stone is considered a noble material by definition. its uniqueness, coupled with its apparent simplicity, gives birth to the elegance which distiguishes it in all its applications.
Musicco company, leader in the stone market, offers a wide selection of natural stone materials, both raw and processed, all visible in our showroom.
Our masterpiece is the production of pavings and coatings in the eponym “Biancone Musicco”, a specific kind of the world famous Trani stone, extracted only in our quarries, characterized by a sharper whiteness than the rest of Trani stone. Pavings and coatings made of Biancone will bring to your rooms a brightness and elegance otherwise unreachable.
You’re therefore invited to come visit us: it’ll be our pleasure accompany and guide you in your visit, so that you’ll be able to transform your ideas and expectations for your rooms in splendid realities.