Work of nature

Natural stone Natural stone is one of the oldest building materials in the world: its properties have in fact been appreciated for thousands of years. Whether used indoors or outdoors, there are many topics that demonstrate the uniqueness of this material. Training Stone is a natural product that has been forged over millions of years. The oldest rocks, in fact, have a history that dates back to 3,800 million years ago. Longevity Natural stone is extremely durable. Even if a stone floor should have some imperfections over the years, after a polishing it returns to regain its original appearance. Recyclable The natural stone is 100% recyclable and infinity. Natural stone is not flammable and therefore safer than other construction materials. “Green” Choice To avoid waste of material during production, the company Musicco has decided to marry a “green” line, recommending the use of formats of various sizes that allow us to make the most of the extracted material, limiting the production of waste and enhancing the value maximum beauty and naturalness of our material.