Natural stone kitchen top

Kitchen made of natural stone are nowadays design objects with varios shades on the white palette.
Kitchen tops made of solid stone, thick 4- 6- 8cm, bring to the kitchen one more decorative element. This element come in various finishings such as lapped, brushed, matt and polished, so that we offer a wide choice to the buyer.
Combined with the kitchen top (rendered stain free using hydro and oil repellent) we recommend wall coatings and floorings made with stone in the same shade of color.
The most requested color right now is white, just like our valued Biancone Musicco, extracted directly and with great accuracy from our own quarries, selected following customer’s requests by our experts.
Floorings and wall coatings made of Biancone, or Trani stone in general, are first arranged in a mock-up at our showroom before delivery.