The stone, always used for different constructions since ancient times is one of the raw materials  of the utmost importance in human history, in particular into square constructions different building stones were used for masonry blocks.

Stone, therefore, fundamental in construction since centuries, is being rediscovered for its peculiarity to give the indoor room and outdoor environments a naturally beautiful  appearance. Nowadays, in building industry it has been replaced by bricks and concrete but it has been widely used to decorate apartments and entire buildings or outside walls.

The products of Musicco natural stone coatings collection are the result of an accurate selection of materials extracted from our owned quarries and other renowned Italian materials like Roman Travertine, every single piece produced by nature contributes decisively in donating expressiveness, lightness and charm to every  house.  Every vein, every nuance of color and every seeming imperfection are the real added values of natural stone, its materiality and textures determines its innate charm, and time does nothing but increase its prestige, making it a unique and lively element.

Interiors and exteriors natural stone coatings

There are multiple ways to use natural stone for coating: Biancone Musicco and Trani Stone can be used with different finishings, selections and formats in order to embellish every indoor and outdoor  environments. The material is refined with brushed, honed, antique, bush-hammered, sandblasted, the innovative Juta finishing that remind the weft threads of textiles, split stone, or leaving the naturality and the colors of stone peel.

Roman travertine, in its classic, silver or nut typology and radica stone are ideal for coating of bathroom or shower, used in contrast or in continuity with the ivory color of Trani stones, creating wonderful and unrepeatable drawings, fantastic effects and textures created by nature.

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