• Classic Travertine is extracted in the roman area. Its fame and history make it one of the most popular materials worldwidly. His height varies with the area of extraction and its color it’s the peculiar yellow « paglierino » color with characteristic holes that can, according to the use , can be filled or left open.
  • Navona Travertine is a type of roman travertine and it is the lightest color selection. Its dominant color is cream with slight shades that mark the veins. Its importance ensures that projects made with this material are of a unique beauty.
  • Nut Travertine, of roman origin, is a light brown material with beige striations, with presence of surface pores. Thanks to its warm brown tones it is suitable for flooring, coating and furniture elements.
  • Silver Travertine is a kind of travertine extracted from quarries in the territory of Rome. Its color is dark cream with silver veins tending at times to blue, at times to green. It presents itself with pores or cavities and is suitable for different uses like flooring, coating and every time of processing.
  • Titanium Travertine is a special variety of most classics travertins. Coming from Iran, it has an extraordinary color with tones ranging from dark to light grey. This material is suitable for strong and exclusive environments and lends itself to unique works.
  • The "Arabescato Carrara Marble", is a crystalline white marble with veinings tending to gray, mainly used for fine ornamental works and interior design space. Marble work processing lends itself to the realization of own projects, characterized by two aspects: the brightness and beauty, which are crucial features that find into marble so described.
  • "Bardiglio Carrara" is a dark gray background marble, being homogeneous in the color. In his appearance it has whitish streaks of millimeter thick. Bardiglio in cutting blocks and slabs, following the natural course of the grain on the reserve and it is both for commercial use, indoor and outdoor work, such as: floors, walls, bathroom forniture, stairs, etc.
  • Basalt is a material of volcanic origin with a dark grey color, being created by solidification of magma. Thanks to its features this material is very resistant to thermal shocks.
  • Biancone Musicco, a peculiar variant of Trani Biancone, extracted only from our own quarrie, which comes in an exclusive white palette. It's a stone layer about 160cm high, with a very bright shade of white, very compact. This kind of white natural stone goes perfectly along with elegant furnishings and brings brightness to spaces, so it's in great demand by architects and interior designers to realize unique, exclusive spaces. Among our references you will find the exclusive boutique of Brunello Cucinelli in Milan, Longchamps in Paris and many great fashion brands that have chosen our Biancone.
  • BRONZETTO stone is one of the main layers extracted from our quarries of Trani stone. It has a thickness of 90/100 cm and its shades vary between light and dark beige. Being very compact and homogeneous it perfectly combines with any furniture elements and décor style.
  • "Calacatta Gold" is a precious and refined marble, used since the Renaissance for the realization of interior design projects and luxury objects. The indisputable beauty of this precious stone makes it one of the most used marbles for its scenographic effect, ideal for precious marble works. The peculiarities of Calacatta Oro are the crystalline white background with elegant golden-yellow veins, characteristics that make this precious marble a suitable material for the realization of projects such as marble stairs, fireplaces, marble cladding but also ornamental objects to furnish the interiors. Able to create warm atmospheres with its light colors with sinuous veins, Calacatta Macchia Oro marble is able to combine beautifully with materials other than marble such as wood and metals.
  • The Carrara Marble "CD", is a fine-grained marble, from white to gray with millimetric veins tending to dark gray. The marble in question, is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but also ornamental works of great value.
  • "Carrara Statuario" is a fine marble, with crystalline and white veinings, ideal to be worked with the chisel, being an emblem about craftsman's knowledge. It is used to make sculptures, elements about interior and external design and it is an excellent material for luxury stone flooring, coatings and in general for home forniture.
  • Classic stone is one of the materials that Musicco company is extracting from his quarries since 1908 and it is 50 cm high. Its charm is characterized by the presence of natural mineral aggregates. Classic stone has a light beige color and is used for flooring, coating and furnishing for simple and elegant ambiances.
  • « Coriaccio » is a layer of Trani stone extracted from Musicco company’s quarries and it has a thickness of 40/50 cm. His color, an antique pink with warm tones makes it elegant suitable for classic, rustic and modern environments. Finishings that enhances its features are brushing and antiquing.
  • Bronzetto dark is extracted by Musicco company in its Trani stone quarries. This layer has an height of 80/90 cm and has a coloring going from light brown to light grey. Its strong color enables every environment to have its own style.


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