Veneer stone for walls and cladding

Price per sqm from 46.36  IVA Inc.

Veneer stone for walls and facades
Price per sqm starting from €38.00
Starting price indicated refers to strips with thickness of 2/4 cm, width of approx. 8/15 cm and free length.
Price of products varies with the increase of thickness and size. VAT, packaging, and transport (which we could arrange) are excluded.

  • Use: Interior / Exterior
  • Possible finishes: Veneer / Antiqued Veneer
  • Formats and thicknesses: thickness of 2/4 cm, other thicknesses upon request.

Metri quadri ( m²)  

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The split-trimmed stone cladding represents an ideal solution for those who want to enhance the beauty and increase the resistance of exterior walls, external wall coverings, and walls. The stone used for this type of cladding is resistant to both hot and cold, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Authenticity with Trani Stone Slats

The Trani stone slats obtained through the trimming of the classic Trani stone rind give an authentic and natural appearance to the clad wall, uniquely enhancing the beauty of outdoor spaces.

The split-trimmed stone can be used to create a welcoming and familiar atmosphere in any type of architectural project, thanks to its wide variety of irregular widths and lengths, variable thickness, and customizable formats according to specific needs.

Versatility and Quality with Natural Split-Trimmed Stone Cladding

The natural split-trimmed stone cladding perfectly fits any architectural project, providing a unique visual effect. It can be used to enhance outdoor areas around swimming pools and gardens, being resistant to weather and water agents.

Additionally, the stones used for cladding are extracted from local Trani quarries and worked by our local artisans at zero kilometers, ensuring maximum product quality and reducing environmental impact.

Choosing natural stone for exterior wall cladding is essential, as its great versatility and rustic appearance create an authentic and unique atmosphere. The split-trimmed stone represents an ideal choice for those looking for a resistant, durable, and aesthetically beautiful cladding.

Split-trimmed stone cladding represents an ideal solution for those seeking to enhance outdoor spaces with a natural, resistant, and aesthetically beautiful material. Trani stone slats are a high-quality product, crafted with care and attention by our local artisans, ensuring a unique and authentic visual effect.

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