Antiqued Squared Stone Rubbles

Antiqued squared natural stone is extracted directly from our quarries after an accurate selection. This product is obtained extracting raw slabs 5 to 10 cm thick, which then are squared by machines called “trance”. The squared stones’ selection is made depending on the colour, which may be pearly white or creamy yellow, or on thickness.
The split natural stone is then antiqued by machiens called “buratti”, giving it a whiter shade and a time-weared look.

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The antiqued squared peel is extracted directly from our quarries, subsequently making a careful selection. This product is obtained by extracting thin, rustic stone slabs that are then squared with the use of shear machinery.

Sheared stone is sorted according to color and by thickness. The natural split stone is finally antiqued by inserting it into machines called tumbler and takes on a whitish color with a time-worn effect.

It is used to pave squares, gardens, sidewalks, and especially for the interior and exterior cladding of private housing or rustic-style accommodations such as farmhouses.

From mixed size, it is available in 1/2 and 2/4 cm thicknesses, back-sawn or non-back-sawn.


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