Natural Stone Antique cubes

Price per sqm from 28.67  IVA Inc.

The starting price listed refers to cubes with sides measuring 4 to 6 cm, approximately with an antiqued finish. The price of the products will vary with increasing thickness and size. Packing and transportation (which we could arrange) are excluded.

  • Use: Interior / Exterior
  • Possible finishes: Antiqued
  • Sizes and thicknesses: thickness cm 4/6, cm 6/8, cm 8/10

Metri quadri ( m²)  

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Antiqued Trani Stone Cubes are often used for stone floor and wall coverings.

The stone is quarried in rough form and then worked with specific slices to obtain a split effect and cubes of different thicknesses. The cubes are finally tumbled to obtain an antique effect and a white tone.

The advantage of Antiqued Trani Stone Cubes is their ability to let the soil breathe, resulting in a draining floor, and their ease of adaptation to uneven ground.

Antique Trani Stone Cubes are frequently used for stone paving of roads and driveways.

Stone is a very compact and resilient limestone material and this processing enhances its liveliness and the natural diversity of each piece.

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