Classic Vein Cut Roman Travertine

Price per sqm from 35.38  IVA Inc.

Starting price refers to 1.2 cm thickness, 30 cm width, variable length. Indicated price varies with the increase of thickness, dimensions and chromatic selection. Packaging and transportation (that we could arrange) are excluded.

• Used: Indoor / Outdoor

• Possible finishes: Polished – Honed – Lapped / Concrete, mastic, resin filled or open pore

• Sizes and thickness: See photo attached

Metri quadri ( m²)  

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Travertine, from Latin ‘lapis tiburtinus’, is a natural stone among the oldest and most famous, used since ancient times of ancient Rome for important works like amazing Trevi Fountain, the majestic Colosseum, St. Peters Basilica and much more, clear witness of the resistance of this material over the centuries.

The immense marble quarries present mainly in Latium provide different kinds of Travertine, between the multiple variations we find Classic travertine that appears very compact and resistant so that it can undergo different treatments like honing, polishing or others without problems. With pale tallow color with greyish shades, its color depends on the oxides present in the material.

Widely used by architects and interior designers, Travertine, thanks to new techniques for maintenance finds its location in every urban and private environment, both internal and external. Some examples for household are kitchen tops, washbasins and shower trays for the bathroom, living room, fireplace coatings, due to its extreme resistance to heat, for staircases or simply like real works of art.

Cross-cut travertine: streaks and color for the home

Slabs cover big white walls, depending on the direction of cutting of the block, in fact two really different artworks designed by mother Nature can be obtained. Vein cut will result entirely striped, customizable by varying the color of the filling within the pores.


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