In granite or marble, in each case in tough stone, curbstones serve to delimit the sidewalk and protect it from shocks. The Musicco curbstones, with the characteristic color of the stone of Trani, are highly appreciated for their robustness and the impeccable workmanship.

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Curbs in natural stone are among the most widespread materials worldwide for borders, sidewalks and boundaries of urban areas.

Used in both public and private building, thanks to the skill of our stonemasons, we also manage to provide curve kerbs as needed on construction site.

Stone curbs: extreme durability

In order to acquire the important non-slip feature precious for public surfaces protecting the citizen, the curbstones are bush-hammered or beveled so that it can reach R 11 grip degree. Stress and thermal shocks resistant, Trani stone ensures a long lasting final product. Always different formats are supplied as usual based on client’s needs.

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