Flowery Apricena

« Flowery » Apricena is a layer of Apulian stone with a variable height from 100 to 120 cm. It is a material with shades ranging between beige, ivory and red (depending on the variety) with frequent veins, most of the time thin and sinuous that characterize his surface.

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Flowery Apricena is a fine-grain calcareous type material. Present in Apricena quarries, is a compact and durable material from a technical point of view and very resistant to shocks and frost.

With a non-uniform texture, it has an ivory color with pink shades that characterize it, give it a distinctive personality and make it suitable to any architectural context, from classical to modern. Slabs have an height from 100 to 120 centimeters, they are suitable for floors, indoor and outdoor coating but are also perfect for pieces of furniture like washbasins, counter and kitchen tops and much more.

Apricena stone: all finishes

Different finishing give many different textures to entirely natural stone. With polished, lapped, bush-hammered, brushed finishing , the stone changes its final appearance and fits the context in which it is inserted, colors and shades emphasize the sophisticated color tones of surrounding environment. In the case of the floors, it can be shown in various formats to final customer, starting from free length measures with same width and different length to many other customizable sizes according to clients tastes.

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