Natural stone walkway

46.36  IVA Inc.

Starting price refers to 2 cm thickness, 40 cm width, 100 cm length with antique finishing (minimum order 10 pieces). Indicated price varies with the increase of thickness, dimensions and chromatic selection. Packaging and transportation (that we could arrange) are excluded.

• Used: Outdoor

• Possible finishes: Wire Saw – Antique – Bush-hammered – Natural Bush-Hammered – Sandblasted – Natural Sandblasted

• Sizes and thickness: Variable measures, Thickness cm 2/3/4/5/6/8/10


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Natural stone walkway

Stone walkway is a suggestive outdoor furnishing element and fits perfectly in any environment. At the same time, it turns out to be decorative and functional, and it can be realised with many types of natural stones, giving a refined aesthetic to the garden.

The first step to build a stone walkway is the choice of the materials, taking into account both the context where the walkway will be placed and its usage.

Garden paths are trampled on and are constantly subjected to the action of weathering, so it is essential that they are able to withstand to sun and heat during the summer, rain and intense cold during winter months. It is one of our many solutions for natural stone floors suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments

Resistant and easy to clean: the characteristics of our stone walkway

It is appropriate to choose a material that is suitable for frequent use in order to maintain beauty over time and functionality of garden paths and it is easy to clean, also only with water.

A natural stone pathway will prove to be a particularly durable, practical and functional solution.
The choice of a good quality natural stone extracted as close as possible contributes to reduce the costs, reducing the movements of raw material and ensures a product of excellent quality and certain origin.

As regards the design of walkways and of all decorative elements to be placed in the garden, it is suggested to follow the style of their home in order to create a continuity between indoor and outdoor environments with a pleasant visual impact.

The positioning of the stone for the realization of a stone path defines aesthetic design and functionality. The use of natural stone is designed to prevent the formation of humidity and signs of deterioration throughout the year.

Garden walkway: which one to choose

For the realisation of walkways, we recommend natural stones with minimum thickness of 2/3 centimetres since, not being present a concrete support screed, it is necessary to increase the thickness of stone in contact with the ground.

They can be realized in Trani Stone or in Roman Travertine, with regular or irregular surface, squared or uncertain formats, large or small sizes, according to practical needs and personal taste.

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Weight 33 kg

40 cm



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