Price per sqm from 40.26  IVA Inc.

Starting price refers to 1.2 cm thickness, 30 cm width, variable length. Indicated price varies with the increase of thickness, dimensions and chromatic selection. Packaging and transportation (that we could arrange) are excluded.

• Used: Indoor / Outdoor

• Possible finishes: Honed – Polished – Lapped – Brushed

Floor installation

Cleaning and treatment

Underfloor heating

Metri quadri ( m²)  

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Musicco Company, present since more than 100 years in stone industry, offers its experience to their customers and various materials present in its quarries. In fact, years of history brought different layers in the quarries with shades of color from pure white to darker beige. Between the various sedimentations we find an extremely particular material used for many years now in construction sector for natural stone floors and coating, that is Serpeggiante.

Serpeggiante is a layer form our quarries from 40 to 60 centimeters high, its color is an alternation of light beige veins, dark beige and light brown, all harmonized by light stone strands.

This natural stone furnishes every environment with elegance thanks to its shades, it is one of the most desired and recognizable masterpieces of Mother Nature. The sinuosity of the lines that run through it without meeting each other represent an added value for this material that, with its polished finishing warms the environment and the heart.

Trani serpentine marble floors

All the designs, with completely natural materials represent an unlimited stylistic freedom. Specific treatments make the stone water repellent and provide a full protection from stains due to contact with acid and oil-based elements.

The correct installation of the material has the same importance of the product selection, but in every case its installation turns out to be extremely simple.

Its resemblance to wood makes sure that the material lends itself to various installations also in a herringbone pattern like parquet, even though in the end we are always suggesting more classic sizes, large and free length tiles, that feature same largeness and different length without grouting in order to obtain a wonderful geometric game created by these irregular lines and thousand shades.

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Weight 33 kg


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