Natural stone cladding for outdoor

Price per sqm from 35.38  IVA Inc.

The indicated starting price refers to 1.2 cm thickness, 30 cm width, variable length, lapped finish and a minimum quantity of 20 SqM. The price of products will vary with increasing thickness, size, color selection and will also increase for orders of less than 20 SqM. Packaging and transportation (which we could arrange) are excluded.

  • Used: Outdoor
  • Possible finishes: Honed – Lapped – Brushed – Polished
  • Sizes and thickness: On request

Metri quadri ( m²)  

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Natural Stone Cladding: Durable Beauty

Discover the enduring beauty of natural stone cladding, an elegant choice for exterior and interior walls. Sourced locally from our Trani quarries, this stone, renowned for its warm tones and bronze-like hues, ensures durability and resistance.

Outdoor Stone Cladding: Timeless Appeal

With its ability to withstand water, moisture, and weathering, our outdoor stone cladding is perfect for facades, providing both aesthetic appeal and durability. Enhance its resistance further with water-repellent products.

Not only does this stone boast natural beauty, but it also represents a long-lasting investment that adds significant value to your property. The cladding comes ready for installation with your preferred finish—choose from brushed, polished, or honed.

Customization extends to edges, width, and joint colors, meeting your unique needs. Tailor sizes and thicknesses to find the perfect cladding for your home.

Our meticulous cutting and processing ensure precise finishing, and each piece is selected for uniform consistency, seamlessly integrating with the surroundings.

Natural stone cladding is a timeless style choice, adding an elegant and sophisticated touch to your home. Its ability to withstand weathering and aging makes it a wise investment for the future.

Choose natural stone cladding for enduring beauty that transforms both exterior and interior walls. Our commitment is to customize every detail, ensuring a quality result that stands the test of time.


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