Squared off natural stone

Squared off Trani stone, extracted from our own quarries, afterwards it’s rough-hewed on its four sides taking a cubic shape. Then it’s sorted out based on thickness, goin from 2/4cm to 4/8 to 8/10.

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Squared natural stone cladding is an excellent solution for both internal and external decoration of buildings. Squared stone is obtained from the outer crust of rocks present in the quarries owned by Trani, and is characterized by its different natural colors, including shades of white, yellow, brown, red, and beige.

Natural stone is highly resistant and durable, making it ideal for outdoor areas such as courtyards, pools, and terraces, as well as for perimeter walls and walls. Additionally, it is also suitable for indoor areas such as entrances, kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms. Thanks to its waterproof and stain-resistant properties, squared natural stone can also be used in environments such as showers and bathrooms with a high presence of water.

Squared natural stone is available in various thicknesses and sizes, both square and rectangular, varying and casual. This allows customization of the cladding based on the needs and dimensions of the area in which it is installed. Additionally, the installation of natural stone is straightforward and fast, but the aesthetic effect obtained is truly impressive.

One of the main advantages of natural stone cladding is its environmental sustainability. In fact, the stone is extracted and processed at km 0 and does not require additional processing, making it an ecological and low-impact solution.

Squared natural stone cladding represents an excellent choice for both internal and external decoration of buildings. Thanks to its resistance, durability, variety of colors, and easy installation, squared natural stone is a very popular option among designers and homeowners. Additionally, its ecological sustainability makes it a responsible choice for those who want to create beautiful and functional environments without damaging the surrounding natural environment.

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