Stone swimming pool flooring

The first pool we know of and whose remains still exist is the “Great Bath” at Mohenjo-daro in the Indus Valley, in today Pakistan. The pool dates back to the third millennium BC and measures 12 meters by 7, made entirely of stone.

Musicco offers superb outdoor Trani stone pool, coming directly from our quarries, in order to give to the eyes a sensation of well-being and relaxation. Every single element is carefully controlled so that the poolside is perfectly clean and non-slip.

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Natural Stone Pool Paving

Natural stone offers an elegant and durable solution for pool paving. This material blends high wear resistance with distinctive style and elegance, ensuring timeless natural beauty with minimal upkeep. Natural stones can be processed in various ways to achieve different textures and finishes, allowing for customization of the pool area to match personal style preferences and garden aesthetics.

Pool Safety with Natural Stone Flooring

In the pool area, safety is paramount. Bush-hammered and natural bush-hammered stone floors provide an R11 anti-slip characteristic. The bush-hammered floor tends to have a more uniform shade leaning towards white, while the natural bush-hammered variation, due to its material, contains intrusions with reddish shades, creating a textural sensation of movement. We offer floors in different sizes and thicknesses, with fixed or running lengths, and a variety of materials including Biancone, Trani stone, fiorito, and travertine.

Enhance Your Pool Area with Natural Stone Copings

We also manufacture non-slip pool copings that ensure a safe environment around the pool. Various edge options are available, including flat, sawn, or bush-hammered bullnose edges, or custom designs upon request. Our natural stone pool coping adds style and refinement to your home decor. The colors of natural stone stand out in the pool’s varying shapes, evoking the beauty of beaches in exotic locales with their white sand.

Pools lined with natural stone impart an uncontaminated aesthetic, seamlessly integrating with the surrounding nature while respecting the environment. If you desire a stone-lined pool, look no further. Our natural stone imbues your pool with a distinctive and sophisticated appearance, transforming your outdoor space into an oasis of relaxation and beauty.


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