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Style stone

Price per sqm starting from 33.00 

Starting price refers to 1.2 cm thickness, 30 cm width, variable length. Indicated price varies with the increase of thickness, dimensions and chromatic selection. VAT, packaging and transportation (that we could arrange) are excluded.

• Used: Indoor / Outdoor

• Possible finishes: Antiqued – Lapped – Brushed

• Sizes and thickness: See photo attached

Floor installation

Cleaning and treatment

Underfloor heating

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Floor in natural stone of our exclusive extraction, is the result of a careful selection with the addition of a superficial lapping treatment that make it simple and suitable for any environment. Peculiar edges, developed thanks to the experience of our expert craftsmen contribute together with surface lapping and warm shades typical of biancone to create a unique and unrepeatable antique effect. At the time of supply floor is ready to install, width and color of grouting can be customized during the installation, making it functional and versatile. Formats and thickness are customizable according to your needs.

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