Bathroom stone cladding

Price per sqm from 42.70  IVA Inc.

The indicated starting price refers to 1.2 cm thickness, 30 cm width, variable length, lapped finish and a minimum quantity of 20 SqM. The price of products will vary with increasing thickness, size, color selection and will also increase for orders of less than 20 SqM. Packaging and transportation (which we could arrange) are excluded.

  • Used: Indoor
  • Possible finishes: Honed – Lapped – Brushed – Polished
  • Sizes and thickness: On request

Metri quadri ( m²)  

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The bathroom stone coating represents an ideal choice for those who want to give their space an elegant and exclusive appearance, but also one that is resistant and easy to clean. In our company, we exclusively use natural stones extracted from our quarries, thus ensuring a high-quality and sustainable product.

Among the different types of stones we offer for the bathroom coating, we have our exclusive Biancone Musicco, Trani stone and other Italian natural stones, such as Roman travertine, in various types such as classic, walnut, and silver, cross or vein cut. These materials are characterized by great resistance to humidity and atmospheric agents, making them perfect choices for bathroom spaces.

Furthermore, stone coating is very easy to clean and requires little maintenance to keep its splendor intact. The different stone tones perfectly match or create an elegant contrast with the floor, allowing for maximum personalization of the space and the creation of unique atmospheres.

Bathroom stone coating: different sizes and thicknesses

Our coatings are available in various sizes and thicknesses, to ensure maximum customization and adaptation to different architectural requirements. In this way, it is possible to achieve a stylistic continuity between the bathroom and the other rooms of the house.

We also offer different finishes such as honed, brushed, polished, and many others, to confer an even more exclusive touch to the stone coating.

We also offer the possibility of creating shower trays in natural bush hammered stone, resistant and easy to clean, in order to complete bathroom furnishings with a unique and personalized element.

Bathroom stone coating is an excellent choice for those looking for a durable, resistant, and aesthetically refined and customizable product. Thanks to the different types of stone, finishes, and the possibility of customizing sizes and thicknesses, it is possible to create a unique and aesthetically impactful bathroom space.

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