Uniform Stone

Price per sqm from 32.94  IVA Inc.

Starting price refers to 1.2 cm thickness, 30 cm width, variable length. Indicated price varies with the increase of thickness, dimensions and chromatic selection. Packaging and transportation (that we could arrange) are excluded.

• Used: Indoor / Outdoor

• Possible finishes: Honed – Polished – Lapped – Brushed

• Sizes and thickness: See photo attached

Metri quadri ( m²)  

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Uniform Stone is a floor made from a material extracted directly from our famous Trani quarries, known for the quality of the stone produced. The warm tone and typical shades of Trani stone make Uniform Stone a highly sought-after floor for interior decoration.

The near-zero gaps between one slab and another allows a continuous visual effect and gives the environment an elegant and refined appearance. The finishing work to achieve the carpet effect consists of smoothing and polishing the stone surface to preserve its appearance over time.

The possibility of renewing or changing the finish over time allows the stone to adapt to changing aesthetic needs. This type of stone is perfectly suited to modern decor styles that prefer clean lines and simple shapes, yet warm and inviting at the same time.

Uniform Stone is very easy to clean, simply use a damp cloth and a gentle cleaner to maintain its beauty and brightness. This type of stone is ideal for floors, walls, coverings, kitchen and bathroom tops.

Prestigious floor with Pietra Unita

Uniform Stone is a durable, elegant, and versatile flooring, suitable for a wide range of applications in interior and exterior decoration. Its natural beauty, quality of its warm tones, and prestigious finishes make it a unique and precious material.

The Uniform Stone floor offers the possibility of customizing sizes and thicknesses to meet specific needs. A wider width enhances the aesthetics of the floor and the surrounding environment. In addition, the stone is perfect for underfloor heating due to its high thermal conductivity. Choosing this type of floor means combining practicality and elegance in one solution.


Realisations with Uniform Stone

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Weight 33 kg
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