The Volta-Block

The Musicco Raffaele company, with an eye toward the future, takes care about the working conditions of its employees, improving and updating the instruments and work machinery used in it’s construction site. After installing the gangsaw, the input time is now for the hydraulic VOLTA-BLOCK, machinery that is used to rotate the squared stone blocks to be cut depending on the needs (cross-cut or vein-cut).

The act of rotating the blocks to be cut so large, is usually a procedure that requires attention and delicacy of movement, placing mental effort and coordination between ropes, cranes and levers, stressing the stone material and usually exposing it, causing breaks, cracks and damages to the blocks.

With the newly acquired VOLTA-BLOCK, processing and concentration on other key issues for the company, as the careful selection of materials, and the creation of a serene working environment, to reach to the highest levels. The company Musicco RAFFAELE is ready to raise the bar of his works.