Style and atmosphere for your living room

Stone fireplaces bring home all the charm of old houses where all daily activities took place around the fire. The stone is a natural material, durable and long lasting. Precisely for this reason it is one of the best materials to create fireplace cladding with.

Also it can be processed and customized according to your tastes, fitting easily into any style of home. From rustic to modern models of the most beautiful stone fireplaces for a warm and cozy home.
Fire brings home atmosphere. The crunch of the burning flame, the smell of wood, the warm and soft light, fascinated man since the dawn of time. Even in more modern and advanced houses, a stone fireplace adds value, that something extra that makes the difference. The stone, so different in shapes and colors, is perfect for coating of chimneys of all styles.

The stone fireplaces will look great in a living room in rustic style. In the living room fireplace will have a central location, surrounded by sofas, armchairs and plush carpets. The evening will be a real pleasure to sit in front of the fire, sipping a hot cup of tea or coffee. The stone changes appearance depending on the processing it underwent, and it has a different tactile and visual perception of the material itself.