The importance of travertine for the Roman Empire

The phrase “all roads bring to Rome” is paved with travertine coming out of Tivoli’s quarries.
In fact, the displacement of roman legions, household goods and trades all took place during the imperial age usingh the stone paved thoroughfare which unraveled from the capital of the empire to far away districts, where the marching grounds of praetorian Castra were paved with the same Travertine stone who had traveled along those roads.
As a matter of fact, the Roman Empire exported and testified its power in every satellite country not only through raw military force, but with culture and architechture, too.
In this sense the Travertine used for the coatings of the monument of “civitas caput mundi” (Rome) was the same Travertine used as a paving for the cardo and decumano in every city and district of the Empire, as a symbol of an idela cultural bond beyond every obstacle or barrier.