Top 3 natural stone floors

  • Uniform Biancone

Natural stone flooring Uniform Biancone has a warm white color that gives light, elegance and spaciousness to environments, and thanks to its hue combines well with any choice of style and furniture.

Uniform installation, that gives its name to the floor, is characterized by a grout with a size almost near zero, later on it is essential to proceed to on-site polishing of the entire floor obtaining a carpet effect.
The advantage of this on-site installation consists in the possibility of choosing the degree of gloss (brushed, polished, honed ) of the floor and above all, in the possibility to polish and clean it up over the course of time by making it versatile.

  • Chianca

The floor named chianca is the remaking (elaboration) of ancient Apulia masserias floors obtained following an artisanal and manual antique process, that creates a lived-in effect through a smooth superficial coating.

Its main value is given both by manual skills of our expert craftsmen, of whom only Musicco company keeps the secrets and completely random measures that make each floor unique.

  • Antiqued Trani stone

Antique Musicco stone floor is the result of a careful selection of light-colored stone with the addition of superficial brushing, that makes it simple and therefore elegant, suitable for any kind of environment.

At the time of supply floor is ready to be installed, since it is not necessary to polish its surface on site and the ease of installation makes it the most functional and versatile flooring, with the added value of a winning quality-price ratio.