Stone floors

In ancient civilizations the floors were, according to the epochs and destinations, of rocky rock, cobblestones, stone slabs. The pavement technique, understood as the search for particular decorative effects, reached the climax with the Romans and anti-warriors through the most varied arrangements of stone tiles, marble, vitree pastes, etc. Today, it is still possible to admire the magnitude of these works in monuments and cathedrals such as Trani. The Musicco company, always attentive to the care of the details and to the satisfaction of its customers, brings home the flavors of a past era by offering various types of stone processing including the antique. The antique stone, perfect for indoor and outdoor flooring, perfectly combines both classic and modern environments; are our craftsmen who, after the stone extraction, take care step by step in their workmanship that can be plastered, brushed or lapped according to the needs of our customers and environments to make them unique and warm as only stone can make .