Types and Quality of “Travertine” at The Musicco Company

Travertine is a sedimentary rock Limestone,  a docile and sturdy stone, used mainly in buildings… from flooring to external and interior design, and even for sculptures, because it is able as a material surely important in international trade. If you want to visit Musicco Company, you can find about 8,000 square meters and about 30 blocks of different quality and types which are used to satisfy consumers needs:
a) Travertine “WHITE”, suitable for upholstery and interior design;
b) Travertine “CLASSIC”, used in the past to build the “Colosseum” and the S. Peter’s Basilic;
c) Travertine “WALNUT”, useful for external and interior design;
d) Travertine “STREAKED”, suitable for stone flooring.
The Travertine is recognizable by the characteristic holes on the surface. The Musicco Company is ready to satisfy each type of need of its customers, with warranty, promptness and quality at the same time.