Underfloor heating

Benefits of natural stone in underfloor heating

In order to assure an excellent heat efficiency/energy relation, stone represents the best material to be considered for an underfloor heating because of its very high transmission rate (quantity of heat going through the material).

Natural stone, free of glue and resins within, does not release any harmful substance during transmittance, unlike other materials that can contain them.

Parquet is an insulating material, used in underfloor heating and this means that its high insulating capacity hinders heat transfer from system to environment.

Unlike parquet, ceramic, despite having a decent transmission rate, we need to verify that binders used for its mixture  has an organic chemical composition.

Heat and energy efficiency represent a focal point in the design of a house, and an efficient thermal insulation is fundamental in order to reach an high energy productivity: therefore, underfloor heating is the ideal solution for indoor environment.

In this regard, natural stone represents the perfect solution, because, with a low thermal resistance allows a perfect heat transmittance, also in case of a significant variation of temperature.

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