If you wish to install a stone floor evaluating a non-invasive and long-lasting solution, it is possible to consider a floating floor. It comes to a system which provides for  the installation of flooring slabs on the top of a frame structure, so that tiles on walking surface will be placed higher than ground level. Frame is composed by a modular structure, capable of accommodate and support stone flooring. Tiles of natural stone floating floors require a simple installation and it is not necessary to use any glue.

Floating floors are suitable for terraces and outdoor areas that could be affected by weather conditions like heavy rain falls, harsh winters or scorching summers. These conditions could create cracks in grouting and even cause breaking of tiles. Instead, in the case of floating floor tiles are not affected by thermal chocks and they keep intact for a long time.

Raised floor is especially indicated for building recovery of prestigious constructions or of historic interest, that is, in all those cases where there is no need to realize a new flooring, but you don’t want to lose the original one.