All natural stone floors stand out for their diversity and originality, since each stone is different from the other, unique for tonality, veining and structure. Each piece is unique and, also combined with other natural materials, results obtained turn out to be original, elegant and refined, for its ever-changing and inimitable chromatic decorations. It does not present itself as a static and uniform product, as it responds to artisanal methods of processing and installation. Free length sizes, rather than fixed sizes typical of ceramics, contribute to exalt shade variations and naturalness of the stone.

Natural stone is a very resistant material to the wear of time and atmospheric elements, bright and vivid, in constant transformation, changes its appearance and personality keeping its charm and beauty intact.

Natural stone floor distinguished itself also for a winning quality-price ratio, when compared to not natural materials, since this is a very strong material, with eternal duration and needs no complicated and expensive maintenance over the years.